8 marketing ideas that manager of small business can do today

With my clients I have found it is sometimes a slow process to build and execute the right marketing strategy, especially if we are starting from scratch. However, there are some smart tactical things that business managers can do immediately that will make an impact.

1. Elevator pitch – everyone is one the same page  Resource: http://www.dumblittleman.com/2007/08/how-to-craft-killer-elevator-pitch-that.html      

Task: Get together an formulate on statement to describe your company and communicate it to all staff. Not all your staff can articulate your story. We can build this into your value prop as we go.


“Intel, the world’s largest silicon innovator, creates products and technologies that change the way people live, work and play. Whether it’s a mobile lifestyle or a new way to enjoy entertainment at home, Intel is helping people all over the world accomplish things they never before dreamed possible.”

Metro Pizza. Each of our pizzas is a hand-crafted labor of love, backed by three generations of experience. We believe that a true Pizzeria should be a gathering place for family and friends to relax, share great food and enjoy each other’s company.

  ….what’s your story?

2. PR – leverage your relationships

  •   PR can shape opinion, inspire action and change minds.
  •  PR vs. Media Relations. Not just pitching stories. PR is the art of actively managing relationships and perception.

Task: Collect cards of media people you meet and start forming relationships with key industry media

Example: When you are at a industry event, talk to and collect cards of media people. They are good contacts to build our PR strategy with and often give coverage based on relationships

3. Success stories – capture your success

 If a customer tells you have done a good job, ask if we can contact them to write about it.

Task: Capture the discussion.

Example: Talk with staff if they hear something good about us, collect the source as it might be a possible testimonial we can write up for our web or newsletter later.

4. Competitor insight – you probably come across your competitors all the time, are you taking notice, are your staff?

Task: if you see anything your competitors are doing, good or bad, jot it down.

Example: see a billboard from a competitor take down the name and url, better still take a picture.

5.Good ideas – capture the good ideas –

Task: If you or your staff come up with a good idea, write it down for discussion at a marketing meeting.A bad idea is a lonely idea. Keep a small note pad with you and jot down the ideas.

Example: whiteboard in the office or suggestion box

6. Customer satisfaction – a pillar of your business that shouldn’t be left to chance.

Task: If a customer has an issue, document it and capture it and resolve. You can use this to improve your response over time and set up a customer satisfaction process.

Example: bring up any customer issues at team meetings and set in place a resolution process.

7.Partners and associations- some of the best business ideas come from a collaboration of resources and ideas.

Task: If you see a partner you could collaborate with collect that information for our meeting.

Example: pizza place partnering with local cinema to offer special vouchers for customers or vise-versa.

8. Customer referral. Capture and thank.

Task: Set up a system to recognise referral from a thank you letter to a gift. Eventually this would be part of your integrated CRM program or strategy.

Example: note from the CEO to say that you appreciate their referral.


Start doing these things and you will have a good leg up when you come to implement your marketing strategy.

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