Pay it forward – the basis for a great social marketing strategy

Pay it forward I think is the context in which you should approach social marketing. Give to get, invest and the good-will, will spread. The saying based on the film has inspired a foundation. The premise is: It begins with doing a favor for another person– without any expectation of being paid back. Changing the world one favor at a time.

If you helped 3 people and the next day those 3 helped 3, and the next day those 27 helped 3 more people and each day after that each helped 3 that would equal  4,782,969 IN 2 WEEKS”. 

Take these principles and apply them to your social marketing strategy and you will be on a winner and feel good about yourself at the same time. I love a win-win.

  1. Be attentive wherever you are for opportunities to help someone.  See someone who looks like they could use some kind help on your web or blog and answer them. You can change people’s attitudes about the world through your unobtrusive acts of kindness. It could be a simple as saying thank-you. Rarely do a get a personal message about my blog and how it help but it is really noticed and appreciated.
  2. Do something nice for someone you don’t know (or don’t know very well). It should be something significant, and not for a person from whom you expect a good deed — or anything at all, for that matter — in return. Invest in them.
  3. Spread the word. If the person thanks you and wants to “repay” you (that is, pay it “back”), let them know that what you’d really like is for them to pay it “forward” — you’d like them to do something nice for three people they don’t know, and ask those three people to do something nice for three more people. The idea is to consciously increase the goodness of the world. This might be tweeting your information to their friends if they found it useful.
  4. Pay it forward. When you notice that somebody has done something nice for you, make a note in your mind to practice three acts of kindness towards other people, as described in Step 2.

Some rules I follow:

  • Inform
  • Educate
  • Invest
  • Add value

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