Marketing technology helping small businesses win big!  (if you can’t see this link you might need to register at Brighttalk for access).

This presentation is a must to understand the importance of technology in marketing and how small businesses can start to leverage it to compete better than ever before.


The key points  I took away from this presentation are:

  • Most web experiences happen via Google (62%). How does your business look through the Google spotlight? Are you paying attention to your Google profile?
  • Media Fragmentation – challenges are created via reach – so many mediums how do you pick the best media mix for your target audience?
  • Speed – Radio took 38 years what it took Facebook 2 years to do – reach an audience of 50 million people.
  • Noisy – clutter to cut through. Blogs 133,000,000. or 900,000 new posts per 24 hrs.
  • Transparency – it is easy for people to find out about you quickly via multiple sources.
  • Listen and learn – The age of the conversation – some many mediums.  Are we forgetting to listen and learn and just requesting information all the time?
  • Mobile space – how mobile technology is changing marketing – downloads 1 billion this year via applications.
  • Consumer is now in control – they look at what they want when they want.

Benefits of marketing technology for SMALL BUSINESS 

  • Do more with less – much less. 
  • RIO -return on investment is greater and easier to measure. We need to measure it in business terms.
  • Value – great tools that don’t cost a lot to use. (see my links).

Get started today with your virtual marketing assistant to do the work affordably and fast track your marketing.

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