Top 10 Marketing Resources

Top 10 Marketing Resources – from connect marketing.

  1. Psychotactics – Helping you to understand how the marketing brain works and why customers buy and why they don’t
  2. Marketing Sherpa – Practical Marketing Advice for Free
  3. David Frey’s Marketing Best Practices – Small Business Marketing Best Practice
  4. Seth Godin – World’s best thought leader on marketing and author of Purple Cow, Small is the New Big, Meatball Sundae and many more.
  5. Flying Solo – Great site for solo business owners and lots of articles/stories on marketing
  6. Dynamic Small Business Network – great site for small business owners with lots of tools and articles on marketing
  7. M4B – Marketing software for small business owners – review, plan, implement and track.
  8. My BRC – small business resource hosted my MYOB –
  9. Government websites – check out your state website for articles, tools and information on marketing
  10. MacInnis Marketing – everything you need to market your small business

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