Brand or the Marketing Strategy, which comes first? Chicken and egg or real marketing dilemma

I had a conversation with a colleague the other day, in fact we often have the same conversation over and over. Which comes first, the brand development, logo, what the shining soul of the product or service stands for or the marketing strategy….

Well the truth is they are inseparable. The brand and the value that it creates is directly linked to its value proposition (the value that is has, the uniqueness that it offers the target market/s it serves).
Great brands for me are Nudie
Virgin they have a uniqueness that is hard to replicate and maybe the ideas came to them and then they built the strategy to ensure that their customers/market knew what they had to offer with a marketing plan. Or maybe they saw a gap in the market, developed a strategy and then built the product to fit the demand.

True marketers would like to think that the best way to create an effective product or service is to understand your customers and then build a product or service to their needs. In fact exceed their expectations and you would really be on a winner!

Anyway it is an interesting discussion and there are probably several approaches that work.

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