Not For Profit Organisations – They just don’t get marketing?

Marketing Not for Profit organisations is a interesting Business. I have found the managers of these organisations are not really able to visualise their business as one that is able to leverage marketing. The very nature of not for profit almost precludes them thinking of themselves as a business and yet of course they are. They still need members, they still have target markets and value to offer that they need to communicate.

This is a largely untouched marketplace that is only now coming to realise the potential that having a strong value proposition and marketing strategy can have to help shape their potential appeal and thus financial contributions.

2 thoughts on “Not For Profit Organisations – They just don’t get marketing?

  1. this is an interesting point that has come up here as well. not only are we considering non-profit mktng programming w/ our chapter of the American Marketing Association, but I know of an outfit that launched a well-funded company to address just that niche. I like your observation of non-profit business owners slight aversion or declination to marketing.

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